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Is your website ready for Windows 10 ?

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Hello! Windows 10 has been in the market for a month now following the official launch on July 29. Since then, the new OS has been gaining ground super fast and in less than a month Windows 10 was running

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What you need to start developing for Windows 10!

Hello Developers! Now that Windows 10 is officially launched and the tools are released, everything is set and ready for you to start developing for Windows 10 (if you haven’t started yet). Moreover: The Windows 10 SDK is out The Store is

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The First Windows 10 Bridge: Project Westminster

Hello Developers! We are nearing the official launch of Windows 10 and the pace of Build releases has been speeding up in the past month to the fast ring. Last week, 2 releases (Build 10159 and 10162). The developer SDK

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Prepare for the Windows 10 Unified Dev Center

Cross-post from my MSDN blog: Hello developers! As we anxiously await for Windows 10’s official release in 29 July, we started ramping-up on the developer material to help us bring our app experiences to Windows 10 and the Universal Windows

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Mapping of app categories from old stores to new Windows 10 store

For those of you who started to prepare their apps for Windows 10, here is a comprehensive list that shows the mapping of the app categories from the old Windows developer dashboard to the new unified dev center for Windows

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