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Windows 8.1 Networking features

Meet the new networking features coming to a Windows 8.1 device near you. These features and network capabilities, taking advantage of NFC-tagged and Wi-Fi connected devices, are dedicated to leverage the mobile productivity. These features include the following:

  • Native Miracast wireless display: Project your screen wireless-ly without any special hardware involved; simply project your content to a Miracast-enabled device by pairing the device through Wi-Fi Direct using NFC. Miracast will then use the available Wi-Fi connection to allow you to project your device’s screen wire-free.
  • NFC tap-to-pair printing: Need to print a file from your Windows 8.1 device ? Simply tap your device to any NFC-enabled printer and there you have it. No need to search your network for the right printer or even buy a new “special” printer for that matter; just put an NFC tag on your existing printers to enable this functionality.
  • Wi-Fi Direct printing: Send a print command to Wi-Fi Direct printers without the need to install additional drivers or software on your device. This feature enables a peer-to-peer like network between the device and the printer.
  • Broadband tethering – Share your internet by turning your Windows 8.1 mobile broadband-enabled device into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Read more here about the awesomeness of Windows 8.1:

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