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What you need to start developing for Windows 10!

Hello Developers!

Visual Studio 2015 with Windows developer tools

Now that Windows 10 is officially launched and the tools are released, everything is set and ready for you to start developing for Windows 10 (if you haven’t started yet). Moreover:

  • The Windows 10 SDK is out
  • The Store is open for Windows 10 apps

First, get your Windows 10 free upgrade. Next, download the tools for Windows 10 from here <> which include Visual Studio 2015 with Windows developer tools. If you have Visual Studio already you can download the standalone Windows SDK for Windows 10 installer.

Now that you have the tools set, you can start with the coding.
As you might already know, with Windows 8.1 the concept of Universal Apps started crystallizing where by there was a shared code between 2 projects a Windows Phone 8.1 and a Windows 8.1. The 2 projects meant that you have 2 packages and you get to publish those packages to the separate stores and link them from there as a Universal Windows App. The Universal Windows app experience has significantly improved for Windows 10 from its Windows 8.1 predecessor. Now, with the single and unified Windows 10 core that is coupled with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), there will be one app package to run across all platforms. Developers would now build one Universal Windows app that runs on all Windows 10 devices. That app can run on a Windows 10 phone, a Windows 10 desktop, or Xbox. It is actually the same app package and the developer can design the pages of that app to be adaptive and render properly on any device used to view them.
The following documentation demonstrates how to create Universal Windows apps (UWP) for Windows 10 devices.

Once you’re done, you might want to publish the app to the Store. The new unified Windows Dev Center has opened for Windows 10 app submissions. The dev center is accepting Windows 10 app packages that are built using the Windows 10 SDK released on July 29.

Hope that helps! I will leave you with this short video on how to install the tools and get started creating Universal Windows Platform apps for Windows 10

Happy Coding!

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