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The Dubai IoTX 2015 Hackathon

Last Monday, I had the privilege of partaking in the IoTX 2015 Hackathon here in Dubai. The Hackathon was aimed for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs giving them the chance to pitch app and product ideas – form teams – build prototypes- and present to ther Hackathon judges for a chance to be one of the top Hackathon winners who get Prizes, Publicity and Connections through the platform of IoTX 2015. The event included 3 project categories under the main theme of a smart city that can deliver smart services to citizens of Dubai.

  1. Smart Living
  2. Smart Economy
  3. Smart Tourism

I was mentoring the participating teams and helping them execute on their ideas and resolve technical problems that might arise. It was a great experience, seeing all these enthusiastic minds in action trying to create IoT projects with the devices at hand. A personal favorite, was a creating a smart trash bin from a cardbox which they attached sensors to it and the sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi device which in turns sends the sensor data to Microsoft Azure via Events Hub service. The streaming analytics service then reads the data from that event hub as input and sends the data to a Storage account as output and from that data they created a web app dashboard. Coincidentally, I later learned that, this team won the competition.

I will leave you with some pictures from the event.





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