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Microsoft Tech Days 2 – Beirut 2011

TechDays2 Beirut 2011
Microsoft Tech Days 2 - Beirut 2011

Join the team of Microsoft expert developers and discover the quickest way to get up-to-speed with the latest Microsoft technology.

Discuss topics such as Windows Phone Development, learn how to develop applications for the Cloud and how Windows Azure can help you make sense of your Cloud offering, in addition to HTML5 and SharePoint development.

The one day conference will kick off with a Keynote by Aben Kovoor, Microsoft Developer and Platform Strategy director for Middle East and Africa. Four main speakers for the conference will be Microsoft’s Regional Development Consultants Tarek Bohsali, Wissam Zeidan, Ayman El-Tohamy, Rami Sarrieddine. In addition to a Scrum – VSTS Session by Adonis El-Fakih from Ayna Corp.

You’ll be able to interact with the team and have informal conversations with them as they answer your questions on current Microsoft topics. For more info, contact

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