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Is your website ready for Windows 10 ?

Microsoft Edge Logo - Website

Hello! Windows 10 has been in the market for a month now following the official launch on July 29. Since then, the new OS has been gaining ground super fast and in less than a month Windows 10 was running

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The First Windows 10 Bridge: Project Westminster

Hello Developers! We are nearing the official launch of Windows 10 and the pace of Build releases has been speeding up in the past month to the fast ring. Last week, 2 releases (Build 10159 and 10162). The developer SDK

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Check if your website is mobile friendly

Hola! Today, I came across a great tool for web developers! The tool is by W3C and called “The Mobile Checker“, it provides you with an emulation close to what your Web app looks like on different kinds of mobile

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Is there a place for div in html5

After introducing new elements like <article>, <section>, and <aside> in HTML5,  web developers might ask if the <div>  element still has a place or more practically when we should use plain simple divs. Now that we have access to the more meaningful new semantic tags in HTML5

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HTML5 Cheat Sheet

I came across this HTML5 Cheat Sheet today, and i thought I’d share it with you. You can download the image and keep it for reference. It is quite comprehensive and covers most aspects of HTML5 (tags and events) , it does

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