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Tag: IE6

IE6 usage in the US drops below 1 %

Good news web developers and designers around the world, 2012 has started off on the right foot. For according the latest data from Net Applications, IE6 usage in the US has now officially dropped below 1%! IE6 has been a burden for a while, and everyone has been eager to see it go away. Furthermore, The IE Team launched the IE6 Countdown site last March to help accelerate the process. Less than a year later, the United States has joined the…

Enable HTML5 elements in older IE versions

Sad fact: IE 6 ->8 versions present an obstacle in HTML5 development as they do not recognize the new elements and in turn these new elements cannot hold children and will not be affected by CSS Good news: There is a work around that enables older versions of IE to recognise and style the HTML5 elements. Its called HTML5Shiv. Implementation is very simple: First check if the IE browser being used is earlier than version 9. <!–[if…

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