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Rami Sarieddine's Blog Posts

IIS 7 Invalid Application Path Error

While trying to add an application to IIS7 , I couldn’t get pass the “Test Settings” step. I kept getting this error “Invalid application path” It seems that using the default “Pass Through” authentication is not allowing the connection and hence the error: “Invalid Application Path” Here are the steps I took to fix it. After adding an application, and before i “Test Settings…” Click on “Connect as…” Select “Specific user:” instead of the default selection…

20 Beautiful DotNetNuke Skins

BeModern DNN Skin
BeModern DNN Skin

For all the DotNetNuke lovers and developers out there, today i came across this post by MicrosoftFeed:

DotNetNuke (DNN) is an open source based web application framework that enables you to build websites and can also accommodate everything from single portals to multiple enterprise implementations. DNN offers many out-of-the-box features for public and private sites. DNN skins put you in control of the look and feel of your DotNetNuke website. Here are 20 beautiful DotNetNuke skins for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Bing for Mobile Hybrid Apps in HTML5

Sometime last month, Bing homepage team announced on Bing Blog that bing will launch an HTML5 video powered homepage. If you think that is exciting check the below: Microsoft is  to release a new Bing for Mobile apps, built on HTML5 with the aim for a robust mobile web experience. Because the core Bing app is written in HTML5 it will allow users to get a consistent experience across all platforms, native clients and the web. Moreover it will be able to make…

Visual Studio and Oracle Client on Windows 7 x64

I am currently developing an application that connects to an Oracle Database on another server. it was working fine on my development machine Windows7 32bit (x86) with visual studio 2008 and using Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (32bit). when running my application on IIS or from VS, the application would easily connect to the Oracle Database with no problem. Lately i decided to upgrade to Windows7 (x64) machine. But when i ran my application…

Facebook’s HTML5 Resource Center

Today i came across the following tweet: html5guy HTML5 Guy  facebook introducing HTML5 resource #f8 #html5: facebook introducing HTML5 resource … It caught my attention and navigated through the link to read about the newly introduced HTML5 Resource Center for Developers by Facebook. And i quote the following excerpt from their blog post Many developers are now using HTML5 to build apps. It is easy to develop for and it works across a number of different platforms, with minimal or…

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