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MVC 3 Project Upgrade Tool

The  team released an upgrade tool to help you upgrade your MVC 2 projects to MVC 3. You can download it here:

The upgrade tool only supports Visual Studio 2010 projects targeting .NET 4. Upgrading both MVC 2 and MVC 3 projects is supported.

The tool does not support Visual Studio 2008 solutions, MVC 1 projects, or projects targeting .NET 3.5. Those projects will first have to be upgraded using Visual Studio 2010 and/or re-targeted for .NET 4:

  • If you have a Visual Studio 2008 solution you can simply open it with Visual Studio 2010 to initiate the solution upgrade process.
  • If your projects are targeting .NET 3.5 read how to target .NET 4.
  • If you have a MVC 1.0 project you can use the old version of this tool to convert it to MVC 2.

    The usage of the tool is quite simple:

    1. If you use a source control system make sure your files are checked out and writable
    2. Run the executable
    3. Select your Visual Studio 2010 solution file that contains your project
    4. Review the changes for each item in the Item details pane
    5. Click on the Convert button to initiate the conversion process
    6. Review the results in the Conversion log pane
ASP.NET MVC Solution Converter
ASP.NET MVC Solution Converter

This is an unsupported utility and there is a possibility that it might not work correctly for your solution. Specifically, the tool has the following limitations:

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