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Multi-User Access in Windows Dev Center

Hello Developers!

Earlier this month, Microsoft released an update to the Dev Center that includes several new capabilities and improvements. With this release comes one of the most requested features:  “Multi-user access” and…… wait for it….. with roles!!!

This feature is perfect for scenarios like having a project outsourced and solution provider has to submit a package/publish the app and you don’t want to end up giving that provider your credentials and change these later. Now you can add multiple dev users into one account.

In summary, Multi-user access with roles feature includes support for multiple users in a single account, with permissions controlled through user roles. It enables a greater account management flexibility with different permissions through managed roles. Here is a screenshot that shows the different roles available:

The roles will allow you to choose the users that can manage and submit packages, restrict access to account financial information. Even more, you can allow only select users to be able to respond to reviews,  among other features.

This new capability requires an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account with admin permissions to create and manage accounts.

Additiontally, the update included the following features and improvements:

  • Windows Store APIs: validate apps or in-app product acquisitions, useful for cross-platform services, or to add another layer of validation for customer purchases
  • In-app purchase discounts: schedule IAP price discounts for apps running on Windows 10
  • Access to Office and Azure programs: access the Office and Azure developer programs at no extra cost through the Dev Center registration
  • More effective Store lists: The Store is updating the algorithms for the “New and Rising” and “Best Rated” lists to be able to show more apps than before
  • Update to the Windows App Certification Kit: with additional validation tests for UWP app submissions. You can now download and install the latest version of the WACK to validate your UWP submissions.

These are great additions to the Windows Dev Center and will light up the experience for developers and app owners!


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