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Improved ASP.NET website launched

Today’s exciting news: The all new and improved (ASP.NET) website was launched after weeks of the Beta launch of a redesigned ASP.NET .Some of the new enhancements are  improved performance, better navigation, fresher and more relevant content.

The improvement in performance is obvious when running the YSlow test to grade the web pages.

The Results are outstanding:
Grade A
Overall performance score 96

new aspnet website design
new aspnet website design

Here are some of the highlights of the redesign:

  • A newer Information Architecture  (IA) that scales with different types of content. Trying to get you somewhere useful quickly.
  • Content organized into relevant topic areas (Overview, Videos, Tutorials, etc.) to make information easier to find and to learn a technology.
  • Improved on boarding experience – Developers new to ASP.NET should find it easier to get started and download what they need.
  • Important Samples and Tutorials are positioned prominently in the structure of the site so that they are easier to find.
  • Textual Tutorials are as important as videos – We’ve heard people want text tutorials more than videos, so we’re finding balance between these two kind of content.
  • Improved Social Integration – Community info, pulling from Twitter, Facebook and blogs.
  • A less cluttered user experience to get you where you need to go in fewer clicks.
  • Open Source and Samples – We’re looking for new ways to showcase great open source projects and excellent samples.Read more about it on Scott Hanselman’s Blog

and visit to see the changes yourself.

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