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IIS 7 Invalid Application Path Error

While trying to add an application to IIS7 , I couldn’t get pass the “Test Settings” step. I kept getting this error “Invalid application path”
IIS7-Invalid Application Path Error
IIS7-Invalid Application Path Error

It seems that using the default “Pass Through” authentication is not allowing the connection and hence the error: “Invalid Application Path”

Here are the steps I took to fix it.

After adding an application, and before i “Test Settings…”

IIS7 - connect as
IIS7 - connect as
  • Click on “Connect as…”
  • Select “Specific user:” instead of the default selection “Application user: (“Pass Through” authentication)” This will open another window to “Set Credentials” for that user.
  • Enter the credentials of the administrator account.
  • Click Ok.
  • Click “Test Settings…”  to test the connection again.
  • All is green, and the path is indicated as being “accessible” and you will get the following message: “The specified user credentials are valid.”
iis7-connection-validIIS7 – Connect valid 


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