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Facebook’s HTML5 Resource Center

Today i came across the following tweet:

 HTML5 Guy 

facebook introducing HTML5 resource center  : facebook introducing HTML5 resource … 

It caught my attention and navigated through the link to read about the newly introduced HTML5 Resource Center for Developers by Facebook. And i quote the following excerpt from their blog post

Many developers are now using HTML5 to build apps. It is easy to develop for and it works across a number of different platforms, with minimal or no code change. You can code in something as simple as Notepad, and instantly see it come to life in the browser on your desktop, phone, or tablet.

Today we are releasing three new HTML5 resources to help developers learn from our experience and the experience of other industry leaders building HTML5 apps:

  • HTML5 Resource Center helps you build, test, and deploy your web app.
  • HTML5 Blog covers a wide range of HTML5 topics written by Facebook and industry experts.
  • HTML5 Developer Group is the place for raising questions and sharing insights with fellow HTML5 developers

Read more here: Introducing HTML5 Resource Center – Facebook Developers



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