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Category: Windows Development

Object expected at renderItemAsync Error with WinJS.Binding.Template

The following applies to Windows Store Apps using JavaScript: When trying to add a ListView control with a static data-source of an array of objects and using Binding templates with ListView controls, always remember to have the list item template (WinJS.Binding.Template) before the ListView control in the markup. Otherwise, the solution will error out in the ui.js file at the following line: [snippet id=”108″] And the error will have the following stack trace: [snippet id=”107″]…

Windows 8 Virtual Labs

Microsoft created Windows 8 Virtual Labs that will teach you how to build, share and sell interesting and easy-to-use applications that will make your customers happy. Virtual labs are simple –no complex setup or installation required. Each lab comes with a downloadable manual and a 90-minute time allocation. You can sign up for additional 90-minute blocks at any time. You will find these labs on the MSDN site  via this link  Microsoft Developer Network > Learn > Virtual Labs > Windows 8

Microsoft Tech Days 5 Beirut 2012

Last Thursday on December 12, Microsoft Lebanon held the Microsoft Experience 2013, an event that brought together Lebanon’s technology professionals to discover and experience the latest technologies from Microsoft and its partners available for businesses. The event included five tracks: Financial Services, The New Communication ERA, Retail, Education and the event in concern TechDays 5. I was delighted to take part in Tech.Days 5 Beirut 2012, and deliver 3 sessions on: Visual Studio 2012: What’s…

Windows Phone 8 Training Kit

Mohamed Yamama a Windows Phone Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Middle East & Africa HQ, shared for download a Windows Phone 8 Hands On Labs (Training Kit) on MSDN Blogs You can now download the Windows Phone 8 Hands On Labs from here. I am sharing his post here as well. Thank you Mohamed. And for all WP developers WP8 is here already and this will help you pick up and start developing.   Happy Coding.

Visual Studio 2012 official launch

Yesterday was the formal launch event for Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5, a state-of-the-art development solution for building modern applications that span connected devices and continuous services, from the client to the cloud. The launch keynote covered how Visual Studio 2012 takes you into the next era of software development.  The content is available live and for subsequent on-demand viewing from Microsoft has a huge line-up of platform this year, from Windows 8 to Windows Phone…

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