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Month: August 2015

Is your website ready for Windows 10 ?

Hello! Windows 10 has been in the market for a month now following the official launch on July 29. Since then, the new OS has been gaining ground super fast and in less than a month Windows 10 was running on more than 75 million devices! And growing. Well, that’s great news for web developers as well. Especially, that the new Windows comes with a whole new Browser that is built for the modern web! Microsoft…

What you need to start developing for Windows 10!

Hello Developers! Now that Windows 10 is officially launched and the tools are released, everything is set and ready for you to start developing for Windows 10 (if you haven’t started yet). Moreover: The Windows 10 SDK is out The Store is open for Windows 10 apps First, get your Windows 10 free upgrade. Next, download the tools for Windows 10 from here <> which include Visual Studio 2015 with Windows developer tools. If you have Visual Studio already…

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