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Month: July 2015

The First Windows 10 Bridge: Project Westminster

Hello Developers! We are nearing the official launch of Windows 10 and the pace of Build releases has been speeding up in the past month to the fast ring. Last week, 2 releases (Build 10159 and 10162). The developer SDK is catching up as well, and on July 1st Microsoft released a new Windows 10 SDK Preview and the associated Windows 10 Mobile emulators. This SDK is to be used in conjunction with Windows 10 Insider Preview…

Check if your website is mobile friendly

Hola! Today, I came across a great tool for web developers! The tool is by W3C and called “The Mobile Checker“, it provides you with an emulation close to what your Web app looks like on different kinds of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. So, you can have a better idea on how mobile friendly your website is. This is critical, if you want your website to appear in search results on mobile devices,…

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