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Month: November 2012

50 performance tricks to make your HTML5 apps and sites faster

Creating high performance web apps is crucial for every web developer. Learn directly from the Internet Explorer Performance team about what actually drives performance across the web and how you can make your sites faster. This is the same team that brought you GPU accelerated graphics and compiled JavaScript, and they will share their favorite 50 best practices for web developers. You might think you know  most of the tips, but there might be a…

HTML5 Cheat Sheet

I came across this HTML5 Cheat Sheet today, and i thought I’d share it with you. You can download the image and keep it for reference. It is quite comprehensive and covers most aspects of HTML5 (tags and events) , it does not include CSS3 and Javascript features. It will come in handy sometimes, or you might like to skim it and get a general view of HTML5 features.

What’s new in IIS8

The new IIS 8 is here. There are great improvements and new very useful features like Server Name Indication (SNI), Centralized Certificates Store (CCS), CPU Throttling, Application Initialization, Dynamic IP Restriction, WebSockets, and finally FTP 8. Here is a brief on each feature: ASP.NET Configuration Management: IIS management tools have been updated for 4.5 Server Name Indication (SNI): Using SNI we can configure thousands of secure websites on the web server, thus it allows many SSL sites…

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