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Month: August 2011

Enable HTML5 elements in older IE versions

Sad fact: IE 6 ->8 versions present an obstacle in HTML5 development as they do not recognize the new elements and in turn these new elements cannot hold children and will not be affected by CSS Good news: There is a work around that enables older versions of IE to recognise and style the HTML5 elements. Its called HTML5Shiv. Implementation is very simple: First check if the IE browser being used is earlier than version 9. <!–[if…

HTML5 Resources

Want to get familiar with HTML5’s possibilities ? Want to start Developing HTML5 applications ? Get started. Find below a compiled  list of the major HTML5 Resources, containing articles related to HTML5 and hands-on tutorials. Dive Into HTML5 HTML5 Doctor HTML5 W3C Specifications HTML5 Gallery HTML5 Demos Building web pages with HTML5 Design a blog with HTML5 HTML5 video tutorial HTML5 Boilerplate Test Drive IE9 Demos 20+ HTML5 games 20+ HTML5 video tutorials  Happy Coding

HTML5 Quickstart

HTML5 is the long-awaited next generation of HTML since  the previous version that came in 1999 and i personally think it is the next best thing. In this version of HTML, new features and new elements are introduced to help Web application authors in producing a  rich user experience. HTML5 is still a work in progress, and now (date of publishing this post) it is in the “Last Call” phase, and W3C reaffirms its expectation that HTML5 will be a W3C Recommendation…

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